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2014 National Convention Wrap Up

The 2014 National Convention with a summary of award winners and newly elected/appointed national officers to follow.  One remaining item is for each chapter to complete the form below for the reimbursement of partial costs.

Expense Reimbursement Form

Thanks to all those who made our 2014 National Convention an outstanding and memorable event. A special thanks to our Sponsors, Herff Jones, GEICO, and the James R. Favor Company! Here is a brief recap of all the award winners:

20% growth – chapters that grew 20% Zeta, Kappa, Xi, Pi, Phi, Xi Beta, Rho Beta, Upsilon Beta, Nu Gamma, Sigma Gamma, Phi Gamma, Chi Gamma, Zeta Delta, Nu Delta, Xi Delta, and Pi Delta
40+ growth -- chapters w/40 or more members Epsilon, Zeta, Kappa, Mu, Omicron, Upsilon, Phi, Chi, Omega, Gamma Beta, Kappa Beta, Rho Beta, Tau Beta, Psi Beta, Delta Gamma, Zeta Gamma, Eta Gamma, Theta Gamma, Kappa Gamma, Lambda Gamma, Nu Gamma, Omicron Gamma, Rho Gamma, Tau Gamma, Upsilon Gamma,Phi Gamma,Chi Gamma,Psi Gamma, Omega Gamma, Epsilon Delta, Zeta Delta, Eta Delta, Iota Delta, Kappa Delta, Lambda Delta,Nu Delta, Xi Delta, Omicron Delta, Pi Delta, Rho Delta, and Sigma Delta
700 Club – chapter scoring 700 or more points on the Annual Report Alpha (703), Mu (850), Phi (750), Kappa Beta (768), Kappa Gamma (817), Lambda Gamma (826), Xi Gamma (818), Omicron Gamma (728), Rho Gamma (700), and Mu Delta (721)
Size Target Award– $250 award Kappa, Gamma Beta, Rho Beta, Chi Beta, Psi Beta, Zeta Gamma, Theta Gamma, Lambda Gamma, Nu Gamma, Rho Gamma, Tau Gamma, Phi Gamma, Zeta Delta, Iota Delta, Pi Delta, Rho Delta and Sigma Delta
Member Miles - Rho Gamma Robert E. Pope Outstanding Student Member – Zachary Spitzer Epsilon Beta Chapter
Best Brotherhood Event -2nd place Omicron Gamma and Kappa Beta, 1st place Xi Gamma
Best Community Service Event - Omicron Gamma
Best Professional Development Event - Xi Gamma
Best Chapter Newsletter -3rd place Omicron Gamma, 2nd place Xi Gamma, 1st place Kappa Beta
Best Photo -3rd place, Omicron Gamma, 2nd place, Nu Gamma, 1st place, UCLA Colony
Outstanding Delegation - Atlantic – Kappa Gamma, Central – Xi Gamma and Psi Beta, Great Lakes – Epsilon Beta, Gulf – Rho Gamma, Midwest – Alpha, Northeast – Sigma Gamma, Southeast – Kappa Beta, Western – Lambda Delta
Outstanding Delegate- Ryan Crownover, Kappa Beta2014
Founders Award –Lambda Gamma
Schrader Award –Mu

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