Mentorship 2020


noun: mentor; plural noun: mentors

  • an experienced and trusted adviser
  •  an experienced person in a company, college, or school who trains and counsels new employees or students.

As you begin to navigate the world of engineering, a mentor is a tool, a supporter, a trusted adviser to help guide you and lead you on your path to success.

Your membership in Theta Tau, not only indicates to employers your success in academics, and now offers you Ambition in Motion (AIM). This is how AIM works for you:

Think of eharmony ® for Mentorship

  • Mentors are Theta Tau alumni who are volunteering their time for you
  • We developed an algorithm to match you, through the full slate of Theta Tau alumni based on compatibility, with qualified mentors for your needs and interests
  • No need to worry about location, AIM uses an online process
  • There is a full FAQ on the site to answer most if not all of your questions

Participation is easier than you probably think

  • There are four, online workshops at times you can fit into your schedule
  • Meet with your mentor at least three times, 30-minutes each, over the phone, video chat, or in person if feasible
  • Meet with your Brand Ambassador (more on that below!) throughout the semester, offering program feedback
  • Pay a $50 deposit when signing up, that you get back upon successful completion
  • Completion means you are eligible to get connected with AIM’s employer partners
  • for jobs and internships that you would like

Interested? How about adding a paid internship by being your chapter’s Brand Ambassador (BA)?

  • The BA is the liaison between other students, AIM, and the mentors to make sure everything runs smoothly
  • They will encourage peers to sign up for the program, offer feedback and guidance, and be the main point of contact for AIM on campus
  • Market the program in creative ways on a regular basis
  • This is a one-year paid commitment

Think about how this will look on your resume!