2018 Convention Registration

August 9-12       San Diego, California

I know you will want to join us for Theta Tau's first ever National Convention to be held in the State of California. Join your Brothers at Convention; get away from the brutal summer heat; it'll be 95 degrees in Dallas, 90 in Atlanta, 88 in Charlotte, and 85 in Detroit; so spend some comfortable, sunny, 75 degree days with us in San Diego.

All members are welcome, and all are required to register with the Central Office in advance of the meeting.  Important early registration deadlines provide financial incentive to register early. 

Each chapter is required to be represented at the Convention.  They are to elect and report those who will be serving as office representatives to the Convention. The Credential Form is used to fulfill this statutory obligation by chapter submitting it to the Executive Director by April 15.  It is a unique opportunity to learn, share, celebrate, and deliberate the future of our Fraternity. 

Moreover, our San Diego host hotel is the Hilton San Diego Mission Valley. Learn more about San Diego at the Visitors Bureau.  Stay tuned for updates for a schedule of planned outings during the Convention.

2018 Convention Schedule now available here

Expense Policy

Professional business attire (coat and tie or equivalent) is expected during the Opening Session, Opening Dinner, Initiation Ceremony, and Awards Banquet (black tie optional). More casual attire is acceptable for the remainder of the convention. Visit our Facebook Event Page.

Preparing for Convention

Do you want to drive the direction of the entire fraternity, revise the national constitution, and possibly change the ritual itself? Then the National Convention is where you can do all that and more! National Convention is an event that brings together over 200 brothers from around the country to form the "Grand Chapter." Read more about Convention here

Preparing for Convention is essential, and following the few simple steps below will set you up for success:

  1. First, a chapter needs to vote and designate you as a Delegate or the Alternate. There is formal notice you MUST be submit in advance & brought with you!  
  2. Bring your chapters ritual book and National Constitution to Convention! Remember to get these items from your Regent before leaving home! 
  3. Each chapter's official representative (Delegate or Alternate) must successfully pass the Grand Marshal's Credentials Committee so prepare in advance!
  4. Many chapters enjoy the road trip to Convention. If you are driving, consider carpooling with other chapters close by or in route!
  5. Registration and the opening ceremony starts Thursday morning, so plan to arrive Wednesday or EARLY Thursday morning.  National Officers will be around to help answer questions and do early credentials on Wednesday.
  6. KEEP receipts! There is a new reimbursement policy to fund a greater portion of each chapter's Convention-related expenses. Stay tuned!
  7. Prepare to have the time of your life - Imagine the energy from hundreds of the Fraternity's most passionate brothers coming together in what some describe as a Super Regional! 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about how to best prepare for Convention, please reach out to your Regional Directors, or the Grand Marshal.

We look forward to seeing you in San Diego this August!