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Below you can find links to current and back issues of Velocitas, The Gear of Theta Tau, meeting presentations, web templates, graphics, and each chapter and colony's eligible curricula.

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Templates, Graphics, Merge Files

Email the Central Office for any of the templates below:
Roll Page w/rectangular holes
Roll Page w/round holes
Note Folder style 1 (useful for bids)
Note Folder style 2 (useful for bids)
Recruitment Brochure
Recruitment Poster
PFA Brochure

Email the Central Office for any of the templates below:
Web Template Instructions  
Web Template 1  
Web Template 2
Web Template 3  
Web Template 4  
Web Template 5

Email the Central Office for any of the trademarked graphics below:
Coat of Arms, Web/Low Resolution, B&W  
Coat of Arms, Print/High Resolution, w/"gold"  
Coat of Arms, Print/High Resolution, w/yellow    
Coat of Arms, Vectorized Encapsulated PS  
Coat of Arms, Vectorized jpeg    
Coat of Arms, Line Art, Black    
Coat of Arms, Line Art, Dark Red    
Crest Print/High Resolution    
Crest Web/Low Resolution    
Envelope with Coat of Arms  
National Fraternity Wordmark    
Gear Wheel, Print/High Resolution, Dk. Red  
Gear Wheel, Print/High Resolution, Black    
Gear Wheels, Web/Low Resolution, locked  
Founders, Print/High Resolution  
Founders, Web/Low Resolution