Regional Alignment

Updated for 2019 - 2020 School Year

It is a necessary duty of the Executive Council to periodically evaluate the:

  • distribution of current chapters and colonies geographically across the country 
  • supply of available volunteers
  • efficient delivery of programming, support, and guidance

As a result, a realignment of regional boundaries has recently been approved as reflected in the map above. Regions are primarily designed to serve an administrative function of the Fraternity.  These changes (or any regional boundary) in no way limits a chapter from visiting another chapter or attending a regional event outside their currently defined region. 

Due to Theta Tau's growth, you will note that 3 new Regions (Southwest, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic) have been created bringing the total to 10.  In addition, Regional Director appointees have changed somewhat as is reflected below.

*Brooke Cole, Kappa Beta (2016)
David Vieth, Kappa Gamma (2016)

*Samantha Cloud, Upsilon (2015)
Brennen Guy, Chi (2015)

Great Lakes

*Curtis Barger, Kappa Gamma (2014)
Andrew Blanchard, Xi Beta (2018)

*Maikol Guerrero, Omega Gamma (2016)

*Jon Vincent, Mu (2016)
Blane Donahue, Zeta Gamma (2018)
Becky Wauford, Omega Delta (2016)

* indicates primary

*Bertrand Neyhouse, Eta (2018)
Robert Blease, Sigma Gamma (2017)
Alexandra Jordan, Gamma Beta (2018)

*Jordan Haburcak, Psi Delta (2017)
Raven Smith, Kappa Gamma (2018)

*Keyannah (Kiki) Holloway, Mu (2014)
Brian LaShomb, Mu (2008)

*Stefan Empleo, Omicron Gamma (2012)
Sal Costanzo, Omega Gamma (2016)

*Vincent Chao, Sigma Delta (2017)
Donald Quach, Mu Delta (2017)