What is National Convention?

Convention is...

The pinnacle experience for every Theta Tau is the National Convention—an opportunity to meet with your brothers from chapters all over the country and work for the good of the fraternity. At the National Convention, you are given the opportunity to influence the future of the fraternity through elections, leadership, committee work, and professional development opportunities. Alumni brothers frequently cite the Convention as being the turning point of their Theta Tau careers, when they truly learn that we are more than just your single local chapter, but a truly national fraternity.

~ Grand Regent, Matthew Clark, Kappa Beta

What everyone has to say:

My first National Convention I attended was in 2008 as a student member and represented my chapter as the alternate. Probably one of the most memorable times as a student member.
Sometimes you get stuck in your own chapter. The day to day, same faces, the rush-pledge-initiate-repeat, sprinkle a little chapter drama here and there (always fun). You have fun and you make great friends at your chapter, but when you attend a National Convention it really opens your eyes to how large this fraternity is. You are part of something that is bigger and widespread. At a convention you have a voice to make change on a national level. You have the opportunity to travel to new places and network with brothers from all over the nation.
Absolutely you need to put it on your list of "Things To Do as a Student Member of Theta Tau". I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I'll see you in San Diego!

~ Dan McConnell, Upsilon Gamma
2008 Convention in Washington, DC

It was great to see so many friends made from chapter visits and regionals through the years. I loved the excited feeling I got at the national convention with so many people who had my same ideals and enthusiasm for Theta Tau. It was a truly team spirited atmosphere!

~ Robby Turin, Nu Delta
2016 Convention in Cincinnati, OH

I had not attended a convention for many years and was surprised to see the large number of delegates and the important topics they were discussing. I urge all past grand officers and those who have attended previous Conventions to attend the Convention and see how Theta Tau has hanged since they attended a Convention and were involved in the national fraternity activities.

~ George Dodd XXXX!, Zeta
2016 Convention in Cincinnati, OH

I had just became a brother of Theta Tau at the end of Spring 2016 semester. The National Convention was my first Theta Tau event that I have done as being a member of the fraternity so for me it was an awesome experience. I feel that it really but a lot of things into perspective. Seeing all of the different chapters and interacting with other brothers. I enjoyed the breakout sessions and learned a lot from each of them. Two years later I can say I have a better understanding of everything that was mentioned or talked about at the convention and I am excited for this upcoming one. Highly recommend people attend, especially new brothers being initiated this year before the convention. Its an awesome time!

~ Kenneth Mitchell Jr., Rho Gamma
2016 Convention in Cincinnati, OH

Convention, is an event i continue to look forward to. My first Convention, all my Phi Gamma brothers had gone to sleep from being worn out from wondering around Fort Worth, so I wondered down to the lobby and met some Brothers, and the night went from there. The level of acceptance they had for me is truly what makes this fraternity great. When I went to the next one it was great to see all the familiar faces I had not seen in awhile, and it felt like it had only been days since we saw each other not a whole two years.

~ Jim Higgins, Phi Gamma
2014 and 2016 Conventions in Fort Worth, TX and Cincinnati, OH

I had a great experience at the 2016 National Convention. As a newly initiated brother and a freshman, it was wonderful to see the amount of brothers gathered together from all of the U.S. I went sightseeing with brothers from Wisconsin and had dinner with brothers from Mississippi. It was also interesting to help pass the new Constitution and discuss the future of our fraternity with people who were passionate and dedicated to Theta Tau.

~ Olivia Koonce, Omega Delta
2016 Convention in Cincinnati, OH