National Officers

National Officers


National officers of Theta Tau are volunteers who serve under the National Officer Commitment Form in support of Fraternity operations and the Theta Tau Strategic Plan. Interested candidates may apply through this application and should address questions to the Grand Regent and Volunteer Committee.

Strategic Vision

The Fraternity has for several years been diligently pursuing a strategic plan created and adopted by a previous body of national officers over a multi-year effort. That vision is summarized briefly here.


Email the Grand Scribe if you are interested in volunteering for Theta Tau.

A photo of the 2021-2023 Executive Council

Executive Council


Grand Regent  Stuart Kardian, Kappa Gamma (2006)
Grand Vice RegentDavid Parker, Lambda Gamma (2013)
Grand ScribeDan McConnell, Upsilon Gamma (2011)
Grand TreasurerAlex Chan, Xi Gamma (2011)
Grand MarshalLindsey Carr, Kappa Gamma (2014)
Grand Inner GuardAndrew Blanchard, Xi Beta (2017)
Grand Outer GuardKiKi Holloway, Mu (2014)
Council DelegateRaven Smith, Kappa Gamma (2015)
Council DelegateAlexandra Jordan, Gamma Beta (2018)

 Operations Managers


National Operations Manager
Xander White, Tau Gamma (2009)
National Operations Manager
Stefan Empleo, Omicron Gamma (2012)

Regional Directors


Jean-Marc Cassier, Psi Gamma (2019)

Srinivas (Srini) Simhan, Omicron Beta (2019)

Great Lakes: 
Kaitlynn Baksa, Xi Beta (2018)
Alex Rogowski, Epsilon Beta (2021)

Santiago Ruales, Omega Gamma (2017)
Kevin Todaro, Rho Gamma (2015)

Ulices Ortiz, Sigma Gamma (2018)

Jon Vincent, Mu (2016)
Vincent Iskandar, Iota Gamma (2021)

HopeRose Puroll, Sigma Gamma (2020)

Sal Arena, Mu (2018)
Jose Villa Hidalgo, Omega Delta (2021)

Vincent Chao, Sigma Delta (2017)

Donald Quach, Mu Delta (2017)
Rhett Livengood, Omicron (1985)


National Directors & Coordinators


Alumni Programs Director: Kunal Sarkhel, Xi Delta (2016)
Alumni Hall of Fame: Vacant
Archivist/Historian: Vacant
Brotherhood Director: Robert Kelley, Psi Beta (2007)
Candidate Chapter Director: Dan Jensen, Theta Gamma (2001)
CMT Director: Frank Ventura, Chi (2013)
Data & Evaluation Coordinator: Lydia Gleaves, Gamma Beta (2017)
Editor-in-Chief, The Gear: Sarah Mente, Pi Gamma (2020)
National Meetings Coordinator: Kristen Bobuk, Chi Delta (2013)
Professional Development Director: Rachel Vaughan, Tau Beta (2015)
Service Director: Vacant
Technology Director: Logan Long, Rho Delta (2020)
Volunteer Director: Vacant

Central Office


Executive Director  James Gaffney, Kappa-Lambda of Kappa Sigma (2007)
Director of Chapter Services – Jennifer Kreiman, Alpha Nu of Theta Phi Alpha (1991)
Programming & Communications Coordinator – Sunny Han, Psi of Pi Alpha Phi (2018)
Office Manager –  Ernestine Bethea, Nu Gamma of Zeta Phi Beta International Sorority, Inc (2013)