New Member Education

Potential New Member Education Resources

Theta Tau has 3 Model Education Programs. These links below provide the individual’s potential member workbook.

NME Workbook – Basic Model
NME Workbook – Standard Model
NME Workbook – Non-Traditional Model

The facilitation guides for new member educators can be found on the Manuals page of the website. Within the larger manual is a workbook for each potential new member to use in completing the education program.

Click the Image Above to View the 2018 Membership Manual Online Version

Theta Tau Migrates to

Theta Tau has migrated its health and life safety online education to for all potential new members. After successfully introducing student members to a similar program from EverFi, this change in providers enables us to offer additional educational topics to benefit student members.

This online program addresses the issues of alcohol awareness, hazing prevention, sexual misconduct, and mental health for incoming members.

This programming is a critical component in Theta Tau’s efforts to keep our members, guests, friends, and fraternity safe from harm.