All Academic Team

The Foundation is proud to announce the honorees of the All Academic Team. Please view the pdf linked here to view the 2017 Honorees. One from each Theta Tau Region will receive a Foundation Scholarship for being named Team Captain for their region:

Atlantic Region - Matthew Fishman
Psi Gamma 2019 - Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University - Computer Science
I have helped raise over $20,000 for Red Cross By keeping a strong bond with the brothers and attending many Professional Development presentations I have continued to build my interpersonal and professional skills.

Central Region - Kevin Tenny
Zeta 2017 - University of Kansas - Chemical Engineering
I have been working with the Office of the Provost to establish "Credit for Life Experiences," so that veteran students can obtain credit for their military training. Last March, I was named a 2016 Goldwater Scholar and was the only engineering student initiated into Phi Beta Kappa. I would not trade my time in Theta Tau for anything, as each and every brother has helped me in my daily iterations of improvement - to become a better scholar and a more cultured man.

Great Lakes Region - Quinn Mitchell
Rho Beta 2019 - Ohio University - Mechanical Engineering
I was responsible for finding the funding for our years activities. Due to the expensive nature of our two design projects, a high powered rocket and an autonomous drone, we required approximately $10,000. Fortunately, we were able to acquire this Membership in Theta Tau presents many opportunities that develop these skills.

Gulf Region - Emanuel Moyano
Omega Gamma 2018 - Florida International University - Electrical Engineering
Theta Tau has turned me from someone who was simply a bystander, to someone who actively works to make changes happen and someone who cares deeply about those around him and around the entire community. I know Theta Tau will continue helping me in achieving my career goals and personal growth goals, but I also believe Theta Tau can only give as much as you are willing to put in.

Midwest Region -Sam Yellin
Phi 2018 - Purdue University - Computer Engineering
Being a member has helped me become more academically focused, as I am constantly surrounded by other engineering students who push each other to do better. My best academic semesters have been those I've had since joining (Fall 2015: 3.77 GPA, Spring 2016: co-op rotation, Fall 2016: 4.0 GPA). If not for the motivation and focus that Theta Tau has given me Theta Tau, I do not believe I would have had the passion for engineering that led me to these engineering internships.

Northeast Region - Jessika Decker
Sigma Gamma 2018 - University of Rhode Island - Biomedical Engineering
One of my most significant accomplishments in these groups is more of a broad accomplishment of bringing our URI chapter of EMBS back up from the ground. Without Theta Tau, I would not be at the professional stance I am now. They have helped me through mock interviews, how to dress and carry myself, how to write my resume, and even network.

Southeast Region - Sydney Reeder
Chi Gamma 2018 - University of Tennessee,Knoxville - Civil & Environmental Eng'g
In Theta Tau, my most significant accomplishments are closely tied to Service and Professional Development. For the Engineering Living and Learning Community Peer Mentor position,. As a mentor for this organization, I live on the floor with the freshman students and work with the Engineering Fundamental program to host reviews, provide tutoring, and answer academic questions about the Engineering College. While I have been a mentor, I have seen an exponential growth in the program from reviews with only 7 students in attendance to now having regularly 40 to 50 students attend each review.

Western Region - John Pham
Sigma Delta 2017 - University of California Riverside - Computer Science
Through my direction of Citrus Hack 2016, my team and I were able to raise $25,000 in sponsorship to host a hackathon for 400 people from 13 different schools. Theta Tau is a huge network of successful people who look at me not as a stranger but a brother.


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In 1998, the Theta Tau Executive Council determined that the establishment of the Theta Tau Educational Foundation would enable members of the Fraternity to work together in support of those who have the skills and discipline to create technical marvels; those who are best able to solve complex problems of critical importance to our planet; those leaders, coordinators, organizers who effectively work with others; those who have a solid ethical foundation that serves them well in making the important decisions required of those with responsibility. The Theta Tau Educational Foundation can achieve all this and more. The Foundation will promote education and training for leadership, teamwork, professionalism, responsibility, decision-making skills, and development of others.

With the assistance of the Foundation, Theta Tau chapters are being recognized on their campuses for helping recruit high school students for the engineering school; welcoming and orienting new students to their campus; leading engineering or university student government and other organizations; tutoring underclassmen in core subjects; helping instructors with research projects; working with administrators, faculty, and other student groups to further the educational mission of the engineering school; setting high standards of scholarship and academic achievement for others to follow.

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Since inception, the Foundation has awarded nearly $100,000 in scholarships to deserving student members.  Please link here to read more information about each of these generous and visionary alumni who endowed these permanent funds and those student scholarship recipients who benefited from them.