Theta Tau

A Statement from the Executive Council

The Executive Council of Theta Tau is outraged by the death of George Floyd and the series of racist and anti-black incidents that have occurred in the United States.  

Racism and bigotry, and the violence that come with them, have long been an unwelcome part of our society.  We long believed that, by supporting our brothers of color, by addressing racist and bigoted incidents within our own organization, and working to make Theta Tau more inclusive, we were doing our part.  This recent series of events, however, has thrown into sharp relief the fact that more can be done - that all people need to state their beliefs publicly, and stand shoulder to shoulder with the black community.

We believe that black people are deserving of dignity. We believe that black people have the right to live their lives free from the fear of violence.  We believe that black people deserve equal access to opportunity. We believe that the systems that disenfranchise and disadvantage members of the black community need to be addressed.  

We encourage our members to do the following:

  • Ensure that your chapter and your community are welcoming places for black people. 

  • Analyse chapter operations to identify opportunities for assistance and partnership for diversity efforts - seek out assistance from campus resources for this purpose.

  • Do not use racist or sexist language, in public or in private.  Consider how even unintended slights and thoughtless actions could promote and perpetuate prejudice, particularly among marginalized groups in the chapter and community.  

  • Understand the difference between cultural exchange and cultural appropriation.

  • Be an active bystander.  Listen to and believe the stories and experiences you are hearing from communities of color.  Amplify those stories.  Social media will not change the world, but as we’ve seen, the exposure of injustice can lead to those injustices being addressed.

  • Be an advocate for expanded opportunities for people of color within your campus and community.  Examine whether you benefit from privilege and learn how that affects others.

  • Consume arts and literature created and written by artists of color so that you can better understand their lived experiences.

  • If there is an incident in your community that disproportionately or exclusively affects people of color, reach out to your campus and governmental leaders to advocate for a just and restorative resolution.

Theta Tau has become strong by welcoming the perspectives and experiences of people from all backgrounds, colors, genders, religions, and orientations.  The Fraternity stands firmly with those who seek to find justice, to right wrongs, to expand opportunity, and to advance a civil and equitable society free from prejudice of any kind.

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