National Committies

National Committies


The following standing national committees are open to volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Grand Regent Clark, the volunteer coordinator, or the appropriate committee chair. Current volunteer members are listed under the committee name:

Chapter Officer Training

Chair: Vacant

Constitution & Bylaws

Chair: Matthew Clark, Kappa Beta (1999)


Chair: Sagid Elhillali, Kappa Gamma (2010)

Gear Editorial Board

Interim Editor-in-Chief: Vacant

Professional Development

Director: TBA

Risk Management

Chair: Dan McConnell, Upsilon Gamma (2011)
Members: David Parker, Stu Kardian
Email Risk Management concerns to the Risk Management Committee.


Archivist: Vacant

Strategic Plan

National Fraternity Excellence – David Parker, Lambda Gamma (2013)
Student Experience – Rachel (McFly) McFalls-Brown, Kappa Beta (2014)
Alumni Experience – Lindsey Carr, Kappa Gamma (2015)
Chapter Experience – Ana Perarnau, Psi Beta (2015)


Chair: Vacant

Volunteer Coordination

Chair: Adrienne Arndt, Tau Gamma (2011)


Director: Alex Palson, Gamma Beta (2013)
Members: Brian LaShomb, Kunal Sarkhel, Frank Ventura