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Strategic Plan

As the oldest, largest, and foremost Fraternity for Engineers, Theta Tau has a mission to engineer leaders for service, profession, and brotherhood. We are dedicated to developing members who – throughout their respective industries, Chapters, and communities – demonstrate a commitment to our core values:

Integrity | Efficiency | Fellowship | Resilience | Accountability | Respect

Throughout the 2021-2023 biennium, we – as a broad, capable team of students, alumni volunteers, and national officers – are striving to progress the Fraternity in three key Areas of Focus:

Membership Experience

We will enhance the membership experience to more effectively develop and deliver a network of lasting personal and professional relationships, and to both demonstrate and expand the long-term value of Theta Tau membership to its brothers.


We will create connectivity and understanding amongst all members to foster an inviting, safe, and social environment in which brothers can become lifelong friends.

Resource Management

We will optimize the Fraternity’s resource management to develop and nurture engineers with strong communications, problem-solving, collaboration, and leadership skills who are empowered to create and sustain a unifying environment for learning and personal growth for our brothers.

Our specific goals are outlined as follows:

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Define and assess against a standard for consistently high-quality student experiences by August 2022.
Assess and establish a DEI strategy for the Fraternity by June 2022.
Launch a chapter-support program with at least two pilot initiatives by August 2022.
Publish and expand the minimum benefits provided to alumni by December 2022.
Devise an interactive communication plan that informs membership and increases active engagement by 10% of the target audience by December 2022.
Improve satisfaction and net promoter score by 15% for regional conferences by July 2023.
Increase alumni engagement (e.g., in associations, at national events, volunteering, etc.) by 20% by December 2022.
Resource Management2022-09-30T19:04:50-04:00
Generate and deploy tailored training resources for student members, potential new members, volunteers, and alumni by February 2023.
Audit duties among volunteers and Central Office staff by April 2022. Propose measures to reconcile conflicts and/or improve operations by July 2020.
Define a volunteer recruitment and alignment process by August 2022.
Establish a process to deploy the Fraternity budget effectively and maximize return on investment (in the form of benefits to members) by June 2022.

As a body, we are working to offer more value to our members and usher our Fraternity into a brighter future. The focus areas and goals defined above are merely the first climb in the journey toward our vision of a unified, diverse body of engineering leaders dedicated in service to our communities, our profession, and the spirit of fraternal fellowship.

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