The Fraternity is led by a mix of volunteers and paid staff. To learn more about our leadership, read the sections below and then scroll down and click on the photos to read our leaders’ bios.

The Executive Council (EC) is the elected leadership of the Theta Tau Fraternity. Elected to two-year terms, most Council members have years of experience serving the Fraternity in various other capacities.

The EC consists of nine elected members, the SAC Chair and Exec Director are NOT a part of the Executive Council and do not have a vote, but are normally invited to EC meetings to provide input. The EC is chaired by the Grand Regent.

The Student Advisory Committee is made up of representatives from Theta Tau’s 10 geographic regions and is chaired by a student member who is elected to a two-year term by the Convention. Per Constitution: The Student Advisory Committee will advise the Executive Council in determining the need, appropriateness, relevancy, value, or benefit of matters and policies related to the student membership experience in Theta Tau

National Officers of Theta Tau are volunteers who serve under the National Officer Commitment Form in support of Fraternity operations and the Theta Tau Strategic Plan.

National officers are appointed to their positions by the Executive Council and generally serve for two-year terms. All officers serve without pay, except for the Editor-in-Chief of The Gear who receives a small stipend for their work.

The Central Office Staff are a group of paid professionals, led by the Executive Director, who oversee the day-to-day functions of the Fraternity. They also provide advice and support to the volunteer leadership on a wide range of topics. The Executive Director is serves as a non-voting member of the Executive Council.


Stuart Kardian

Grand Regent
Kappa Gamma, ‘06

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David Parker

Grand Vice-Regent
Lambda Gamma, ‘15

Dan McConnell

Grand Scribe
Upsilon Gamma, ‘11

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Alex Chan

Grand Treasurer
Xi Gamma '11

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Lindsey Carr

Grand Marshal
Kappa Gamma, ‘15

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Keyannah Holloway

Grand Inner Guard
Mu, ‘14

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Alexandra Blease

Grand Outer Guard
Gamma Beta, ‘18

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Jean-Marc Cassier

Council Delegate
Psi Gamma '19

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Kaitlynn Baksa

Council Delegate
Xi Beta '18

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Raven Smith

Executive Council Delegate (2021-2023)

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Andrew Blanchard

Grand Inner Guard (2021-2023)

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Student Advisory Committee

Paige Waters

Student Advisory Committee, Chair
Lambda Gamma, ‘23


Jim Gaffney

Executive Director

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Jennifer Kreiman

Director of Chapter Services

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Sarah Mente

Pi Gamma, 2020
Communications Coordinator

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Emilee Danielson Burke

Director of Programs

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Laura McConnell

Administrative Assistant

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National Officers

PositionNameEmail AddressChapterGraduation Year
National Operations Manager - ProgramsRobert Kelleyrobert.kelley@thetatau.orgPsi Beta2003
National Operations Manager - Chapter SupportStefan Empleostefan.empleo@thetatau.orgOmicron Gamma2012
National Operations Manager - Chapter SupportAndrew Blanchardandrew.blanchard@thetatau.orgXi Beta2017
Atlantic Regional DirectorKristin DiMichelekristin.dimichele@thetatau.org Xi Delta2020
Atlantic Regional DirectorEmily Frosinaemily.frosina@thetatau.orgPsi Gamma2015
Central Regional DirectorJasdeep Shangarijasdeep.shangari@thetatau.orgXi Epsilon2018
Central Regional DirectorStephanie Ruswickstephanie.ruswick@thetatau.orgTheta Gamma2008
Great Lakes Regional DirectorVacant
Great Lakes Regional DirectorVacant
Gulf Regional DirectorWilliam Conoverwilliam.conover@thetatau.orgUpsilon Gamma2015
Gulf Regional DirectorNatasha Nieckoskinatasha.nieckoski@thetatau.orgUpsilon Gamma2022
Mid-Atlantic Regional DirectorChristopher Shawchristopher.shaw@thetatau.orgSigma Gamma2018
Mid-Atlantic Regional DirectorVacant
Midwest Regional DirectorKierra Schaukierra.schau@thetatau.orgUpsilon Gamma2022
Midwest Regional DirectorKeegan Dykstrakeegan.dykstra@thetatau.orgOmega2023
Northeast Regional DirectorVincent Iskandarvincent.iskandar@thetatau.orgIota Gamma2021
Northeast Regional DirectorVacant
Northwest Regional DirectorBenjamin Ladickbenjamin.ladick@thetatau.orgDelta Gamma2019
Northwest Regional DirectorAndrew Johnsonandrew.johnson@thetatau.orgRho Gamma2018
Southeast Regional DirectorKathryn Cogarkathryn.cogar@thetatau.orgPi Gamma2020
Southeast Regional DirectorVacant
Southwest Regional DirectorVincent Chaovincent.chao@thetatau.orgSigma Delta2017
Southwest Regional DirectorSaul Manzanosaul.manzano@thetatau.orgChi2021
Candidate-Chapter DirectorDaniel Jensendaniel.jensen@thetatau.orgTheta Gamma2001
Candidate Chapter DirectorRhett Livengoodrhett.livengood@thetatau.orgOmicron1985
Alumni Programs DirectorJon Vincentjon.vincent@thetatau.orgMu2016
CMT DirectorFrank Venturafrank.ventura@thetatau.orgChi2012
Brotherhood DirectorBlane Donohueblane.donohue@thetatau.orgZeta Gamma2018
Service DirectorBradford Webbbradford.webb@thetatau.orgXi Delta2014
Data & Evaluation CoordinatorMatthew Springermatthew.springer@thetatau.orgKappa Gamma2019
Data & Evaluation CoordinatorKunal Sarkhelkunal.sarkhel@thetatau.orgXi Delta2016
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion CoordinatorAnnika Gatesannika.gates@thetatau.orgRho Gamma2021
Volunteer DirectorRaven Smithraven.smith@thetatau.orgKappa Gamma2015
Editor-in-Chief of The GearVacant
Professional Development DirectorVacant