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National Alumni Association

Welcome to the Theta Tau National Alumni Association! We were established to keep Theta Tau alumni involved with the fraternity and to provide them opportunities to remain active and informed. There are a number of ways to stay involved with Theta Tau as an alumnus:

  • Attend a Regional Conference, Leadership Academy, or National Convention
  • Start or be active in an alumni club, housing corporation, or Chapter Advisory Team
  • Donate money or help with fundraising for the Educational Foundation

  • Buy your purchases online at iGive and help raise money for the National Alumni Association

  • Register on this website and update your information
  • Join the Theta Tau National Alumni Association on Facebook or LinkedIn

  • Email 10 alumni in your area just to say hello
  • Email the NAA officers and introduce yourself
  • Check out our blog and respond to ideas or go to events presented there

We are always open to new ideas! If you have an idea for volunteering with the NAA, please let us know how we can help. The purpose of the NAA is to increase the value of alumni membership and participation in Theta Tau by:

  • Uniting its members in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship
  • Maintaining a high standard of professional interest among its members
  • Providing an avenue for members to continue their fraternal affiliation past graduation
  • Promoting and assisting the activities in accordance with Theta Tau’s goals and traditions
  • Providing a medium of communication between the Fraternity and alumni
  • Keeping alumni informed of the work of the Fraternity
  • Furthering the interests of the Fraternity by helping to establish new Alumni Associations

  • Cooperating in the activities and support of present and future Alumni Associations

  • Furthering the interests of the Fraternity by helping to establish new Chapters
  • Cooperating in the activities and support of present and future chapters of the Fraternity

Local Alumni Associations

Many chapters and larger urban areas have an active body of alumni whose honest and commendable interest is local. Since the founding of Theta Tau’s first local alumni group (the Southwest Alumni Club in the old mining hotbed of Douglas, Arizona) in 1908, the Fraternity has encouraged the formation of local groups to support one another, their local communities, and often their local chapters. Information can be found to left about forming a local alumni group, and we stand ready to assist you in efforts to do so. Feel free to contact the officers of the National Alumni Association or the Central Office.

NAA Officers

Felipe Zambrano, Gamma Beta ’13

Vice President:
Kunal Sarkhel, Xi Delta ’16

Jim Higgins, Phi Gamma ’17


Alumni Director:


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