Theta Tau’s balanced program of community service, professional development, and brotherhood offer a unique fraternity experience. With chapters from coast to coast, and more chapters each year, record numbers of engineering students gain that experience annually.

We encourage you to join them and become part of the oldest, largest, and foremost Fraternity for Engineers.

Join Theta Tau!

Being a member of Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity offers distinct advantages over membership in some local organization. Some benefits are:

  • Recognition
  • Lifetime membership
  • National and regional meetings
  • Interaction

  • Awards
  • Publications
  • Leadership Training
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Current Student Members

Theta Tau encourages its chapters to provide a healthy balance of community service, professional development, and brotherhood/ social activities for its members. It is the diversity of activities which creates a balanced program and more meaningful undergraduate fraternity experience. While this does not inherently mean equal thirds of each type of activity, analysis shows that chapters collectively conduct well over 250 service, 250 professional, and 300 brotherhood events in a year.

Nationally, our Educational Foundation sponsors a Leadership Academy in even-numbered years. The core Academy curricula is based on The Leadership Challenge. The Academy reaches members with a form of personal and professional training that most would not otherwise receive.

The Fraternity holds its National Convention in odd-numbered summers and is the primary legislative, elective, and training event of Theta Tau. It is also a celebration for our members and chapters via its award and recognition program. Each Region in Theta Tau also holds at least one Regional Conference per year organized by a Regional Director and a local host chapter.

Bring Us to Your Campus

If there isn’t a Chapter or Candidate Chapter at your school, Theta Tau might be interested in expanding to your campus! If you share this interest and can assist, please call 512-472-1904 or email to reach the Theta Tau Central Office. We can assist you in getting started and welcoming you and others into Theta Tau.

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