Advisor & Advisory Teams

The mission of the Chapter Advisory Team is to promote and enhance the quality of membership for student, alumnus and honorary members of Theta Tau from the chapter it supports and to interact with those who are active members of local Alumni Associations.

The advisory team provides ongoing assistance to the chapter in a proactive manner and consists of several members. Having multiple members means the workload and time commitment will be spread across many, and the quality of support will increase.

The job of each adviser is to serve as a role model to the chapter and a mentor to a brother, to help them become better persons, better leaders, better alumni and help them as they prepare to transition to life after graduation. Chapters with engaged alumni and active advisers tend to be larger in size, more active in programming, and provide a more rewarding college experience to its membership. To a large part, this is attained by the alumni volunteer serving as the driving force pushing the chapter to success, by not accepting mediocrity and pushing for excellence. The chapter advisory team pushes this advisory role to a committee rather than leaving this responsibility with a single alumnus serving as a chapter adviser.