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National Committees

Theta Tau uses a committee structure to run the national organization.  Membership in national committees can be on a rolling and ad hoc basis.

Theta Tau student members, alumni, and other interested volunteers are welcome to reach out to a committee chair or to contribute while developing skills! Opportunities to engage are many and not limited to those listed here:

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Alumni Programs Committee

Chair: Jon Vincent, Mu

This committee strives to communicate and expand the benefits accorded to Theta Tau alumni, as well as to build alumni engagement – both socially (such as through alumni associations) and toward organizational growth (such as through volunteering). Committee members plan events, develop new alumni programs toward brotherhood, service, and/or professional development, and build their skills and network while enjoying fraternal connections after graduation!

Brotherhood Committee

Chair: Blane Donahue, Zeta Gamma

The goal of the Brotherhood Committee is to improve brotherhood at all levels of the Fraternity, especially the chapter level. One current area of focus is improving recruiting by identifying and sharing best practices toward an active and diverse membership. The committee also organizes high-quality brotherhood activities at the national and regional levels, and helps find brothers that have fallen off of the chapter and national radar. Committee members are needed to contribute to this fundamental pillar!

Chapter Management Tool (CMT) Committee

Chair: Frank Ventura, Chi

We support and develop the Chapter Management Tool (CMT). This application is a Python Django website that allows chapters and the Fraternity to collect information and keep track of chapter members and events. We need help with asynchronous software development, but also documentation – a great way to learn programming or a new language is working on actual applications that people use! If you’re interested in helping, please see our contributing instructions on our GitHub.

Convention Committee

Chair: Kiki Holloway, Grand Outer Guard, Mu

Plans and prepares for the biennial National Convention. Example tasks include managing logistics, coordinating agenda and programming, and communicating proactively and prolifically with stakeholders (especially student chapters). This committee will interact with many contributors, such as the Central Office, Programs Directors, Data & Evaluation Coordinator, the Nominating and Governance Committees, etc.

Data & Evaluation Committee

Chair: Matthew Springer, Kappa Gamma

The Data & Evaluation Committee develops, collects, analyzes, and communicates metrics to answer national-level questions. Members direct data strategy, coordinate surveys and reviews, evaluate and improve data streams, and more to link problems to solutions. Looking for help from people with skills and/or interest in data analysis, building sustainable pipelines, and questionnaire design, among others!

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Chair: Annika Gates, Rho Gamma

The DEI Committee advises the Executive Council on relevant elements of the strategic plan toward making the national Fraternity more equitable and inclusive, while ensuring that Theta Tau positively reflects the diversity of the larger engineering community. The committee also consults in assistance to other committees, officers, and the Central Office as needed.

Fraternal Unity Network (FUN) Squad


The purpose of this committee is to increase retention of National Officers & volunteers by planning social informal events. Some tasks include brainstorming new event ideas, planning and attending events, and attending weekly progress meetings. One desired skill would be basic event planning; another would be having fun!

Gear Editorial & Review Committee

Editor-in-Chief & Chair: Vacant

The purpose of The Gear Editorial Committee is to create a publication of our national magazine, The Gear. Some tasks include editing articles, emailing active and alumni members, interviewing people, and writing articles. In weekly or biweekly Discord meetings the work is distributed by the Editor-in-Chief based on need and interest of the committee members.

The purpose of The Gear Review Committee is to review proofs prior to print for any errors. This committee primarily reviews drafts and submits potential changes to the Editor-in-Chief in the late stages of the publication process.

Governance Committee

Chair : David Parker, Grand Vice Regent, Lambda Gamma

Ensure governance documents (the Constitution and Policies & Procedures Manual, etc.) clearly and accurately reflect the goals and needs of the organization. Members collaboratively assess and propose potential amendments for Executive Council and/or National Convention consideration.

Professional Development Committee

Chair : VACANT

This committee works to improve professional development at all levels of the Fraternity, especially the chapter level. One current area of focus is developing an in-house mentorship program pairing undergraduate engineering students with Theta Tau alumni. Committee members contribute to chapter programming by sharing best practices for PD, and organize high-quality skill-building and partnership opportunities at the national and regional levels. Committee members are needed to contribute to this fundamental pillar!

Service Committee

Chair : Bradford Webb, Xi Delta

This committee works to support service initiatives at all levels of the Fraternity, especially the chapter level. This committee manages Theta Tau’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Committee members contribute to chapter programming by sharing best practices for philanthropy, and organize service opportunities at the national and regional levels. Committee members are needed to contribute to this fundamental pillar!

Student Advisory Committee

Chair : Paige Waters, Lambda Gamma

The Student Advisory Committee (SAC) is the coordinating vehicle for student members of Theta Tau to contribute to the national organization and wide-ranging programs. Its elected chair advocates for student interests to the Executive Council, and its members represent their peers on other national committees and initiatives while exemplifying prolific communication with each other and student stakeholders. Members learn extensively about – and participate in – what happens beyond the chapter level. Interested students are encouraged to reach out to the SAC chair or the chair of another committee that aligns with their passions!

Strategic Planning Committee

Chair : David Parker, Grand Vice Regent, Lambda Gamma

This committee sets priorities, focuses energy and resources, and strengthens operations. Members ensure that teams are working toward common goals, establish agreement around intended outcomes/results, and assess and adjust the organization’s direction in response to a changing environment. Key responsibility is development and oversight of the strategic plan which is used to communicate the organization’s goals and the actions needed to achieve those.

Volunteer Committee

Chair : Raven Smith (interim), Kappa Gamma

This committee manages recruitment, general training, and retention of outstanding Theta Tau contributors. Committee members track volunteering needs, advertise and fill vacancies, coordinate onboarding and offboarding, and guide skill- and performance improvement for the growth of our team. Seeking committee members with an interest in developing a volunteer workforce, learning the ropes of organizational management, and/or aligning prospects with great opportunities!

Closed Committees2023-12-19T16:11:10-05:00

Audit Committee

Chair: Alex Chan, Grand Treasurer, Xi Gamma

The audit committee is tasked with performing a biennial audit of the Fraternity’s finances.

Finance Committee

Chair: Alex Chan, Grand Treasurer, Xi Gamma

The finance committee is tasked with reviewing funding proposals presented by National Officers.

Health & Safety

Chair: Dan McConnell, Grand Scribe, Upsilon Gamma

The Health & Safety Committee, constituted under the authority of the Grand Regent, investigates and adjudicates health and safety (conduct) violations by members and chapters.

Investment Committee

Chair: Alex Chan, Grand Treasurer, Xi Gamma

The investment committee is responsible for overseeing the Fraternity’s investment portfolio, under the guidance of the Grand Treasurer.

Operating Committee

Chair: David Parker, Grand Treasurer, Lambda Gamma

The Operating Committee is appointed by the Executive Council to assist the Council in its oversight of the Fraternity’s operations, operational initiatives, and prioritization of investments in support of such initiatives. The purpose of this Committee is to provide the Council with a prioritized list of operational proposals along with evaluation criteria and recommendations for approval.

Ad Hoc Ritual Review Committee

Chair: Stuart Kardian, Grand Regent, Kappa Gamma

As an outcome of the 2021 National Convention, a temporary ritual review committee will be formed to evaluate proposed changes to the Theta Tau ritual.  Due to the nature of this topic this will be a small group of diverse representatives to propose changes to the Executive Council and potentially the 2023 National Convention.

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