Volunteering With Theta Tau

Welcoming National-Officer Applications for 2023-2025 Biennium! See the bottom of this page for position descriptions.

Why Volunteer?

As a Theta Tau volunteer, you will:

  • Encourage engineering careers while developing your own skills;
  • Build a lifelong professional network;
  • Shape the future of STEM and other industries;
  • Uphold the values and amplify the impact of the incredible organization you’ve joined.

The Fraternity is always seeking volunteers committed to furthering the purpose of Theta Tau: to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members, and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship. Theta Tau appreciates and admires the unique talents and diverse experiences of our members — you too can be a helpful brother by volunteering and contributing your talents and experiences.

Opportunities abound at a variety of time and travel commitments, and are not limited to the roles listed on this page. Volunteers currently serve as chapter advisers, on national committees, toward specific projects, or as National Officers. Whether you have one hour a month or one hour a day, we can benefit from teaming up. It doesn’t take much time to make an impact on future generations of Theta Tau and members of our professions. It does take the efforts of many brothers to support thousands of student members and alumni and to meet our goal of engineering leaders for service, profession, and brotherhood.

National-Officer Opportunities

National Officers are volunteers with defined roles and commitments supporting Fraternity operations and the Strategic Plan. National officers typically serve two-year terms, from Convention to Convention. Descriptions of these positions linked or referenced below outline some expectations and qualifications for each office. Apply to be a National Officer on this form!

The Executive Council is Theta Tau’s elected board of directors responsible for the strategic direction of the Fraternity; by tradition the Council members also hold Ritualistic titles and responsibilities:

  • Grand Regent
  • Grand Vice Regent
  • Grand Scribe
  • Grand Treasurer
  • Grand Marshal
  • Grand Inner Guard
  • Grand Outer Guard
  • Council Delegates (2)

Responsibilities of Council members are described in Constitution Article V and PPM Section 1.3, as well as a supplemental expectations document.

Appointed positions

Descriptions linked below – vacancies listed and updated as of June 3, 2024.

Applications for appointed national offices are always being accepted! Apply Today!

The Theta Tau Educational Foundation is also seeking volunteers to help coordinate Leadership Academy and partnerships/fundraising.

Contact volunteer@thetatau.org with questions or for specific information. We look forward to having you on our team!