PHILADELPHIA – It is with great sadness that we report that the Executive Council of Theta Tau ordered the effective closure of the Kappa Delta Chapter at Cornell University.  

This action was taken following an extensive investigation that uncovered hazing, as well as significant violations of our policies around the use of drugs and alcohol.

All current student members have been suspended from the Fraternity for a period of two years, and another six members have been given other individual sanctions.   The charter has been suspended and will remain so until the 2025 National Convention, at which time a motion will be made for it to be formally revoked.  Suspension of charter means that the chapter may not operate in any way – the chapter may not meet, conduct business, hold events, or recruit new members.

While certainly regrettable, this action is in the long-term best interest of the chapter, the university community, and our Fraternity.  

We thank Cornell University for their partnership and collaboration during this process.  We hope to return to the Cornell campus in the future.

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