Lindsey joined Theta Tau as a student of Virginia Commonwealth University in the spring of 2011, being initiated into the Kappa Gamma chapter that fall. She was primarily involved in the new member education process as an active member, serving on the committee for three terms, and served as her chapter’s Corresponding Secretary for one term.

After graduating in May 2015 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, she moved to Michigan to begin a career in manufacturing and automation. She began volunteering a year after graduation when she was appointed as a Regional Director, then later elected as a Council Delegate on the Executive Council in 2019. Most recently she was elected as Grand Marshal in 2020, which she is currently serving her second term.
Now, Lindsey lives near her hometown, in Richmond, VA, with her fiance and two cats. She works for an automation company that supports the baking industry as an electrical engineer. Outside of work and Theta Tau, she enjoys reading science fiction and epic fantasy novels, or spending her time online playing World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV