The Executive Council of Theta Tau is outraged by the anti-Asian hate crimes committed across the country in recent months. While it is unclear whether violence earlier this week in Atlanta was racially motivated, it is very clear that six of the eight victims were Asian women and the effects of that crime will disproportionately be felt in the Asian community.

Violence in any form, and against any person, is unacceptable. But when violence is motivated by racism and hatred, as the more than 3,800 reported acts of anti-Asian violence in the past year have been, we can no longer pretend that these are mere senseless outrages. We have to admit that, in those cases, violence is being used as a tool by those who wish to subjugate and terrorize the Asian community. Such violence, and especially its motive, flies in the face of everything we believe as members of Theta Tau, as Americans, and as human beings.

To our Asian members we say this: please know that you are our brothers and that your Fraternity stands firmly beside you always. Now more than ever, we stand with you.

We call on all Theta Tau brothers to be vocal in their support of the Asian community. Check on your Asian friends and brothers and express your support and solidarity. Patronize Asian businesses, many of whom have been impacted by the false and racist narrative that the Asian community is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Violence has no place in a civilized society and Theta Tau remains committed to the difficult and ongoing work of making our society more safe and more just.