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By Raven Smith
Council Delegate & DEI Committee Chair

Starting this term, Theta Tau will be including demographic questions in the Pledge Form. As an organization, we are committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and in pursuit of this goal we’re seeking to better understand where we currently stand in those regards.

Theta Tau will not associate this data with individual member records; e.g., when a member is looked up in the database, it will not say “Jay Smith, Hispanic, Bisexual, Male.” These data points will only be used and reviewed in the aggregate. This data will also never be broken down to the point where a casual observer would be able to identify individual members from the data (we will never share data about an individual pledge class, or a very small chapter.)

Collecting and studying this data will allow the fraternity to better understand the current make up of our organization as a whole, how we stand when compared to the generalized engineering community, and gives us a better idea of our place in our campus communities. Overall, it only serves the fraternity for us to better understand these concepts, and allows the Central Office and National Officers to better meet the needs of our ever more diverse student members.

This change will only appear in the Pledge Form on the CMT, and will likely not change any of the active processes for a Chapter’s Rush/Recruitment this term. If you have any questions about this addition or the ways the Central Office is working to protect the privacy of Student Members while we collect this data, contact the Central Office (central.office@thetatau.org).