As our brothers prepare for this weekend’s celebrations, we want to offer a reminder of things that are sometimes scarier than ghosts or monsters: Wearing something sacred to another culture as a costume not only damages your character, but also negatively affects the image of the fraternity and betrays your fraternal bond to your brothers. We hope you choose to enjoy yourself this weekend without invoking harmful stereotypes or reductive caricatures of cultures that are without a doubt represented somewhere within the vibrant diversity of our fraternity.

Somethings to keep in mind as you prepare for the holiday…

  • Cultural Appropriation is something we expect our members to avoid when dressing up for the weekend!
    – If a costume evokes a stereotype, generalizes a group of people based on race or some other characteristic, or to a layperson would be considered offensive we advise you to find something else to wear for the scary outings and parties. (Read up more on cultural appropriation here.)

  • COVID-19 continues to be a concern!
    – For the safety of all of student members, Candidate Chapter members, and alumni alike, we advise you to use caution when attending large gatherings this weekend.
    – If you are going to a larger event, we recommend that you and your party wear a mask rated for COVID even if your are vaccinated to prevent the further spread of strains like the Delta Variant. Halloween masks will not protect you from infection.