MELBOURNE – January 4, 2022: On December 4, 2021, the Florida Institute of Technology Candidate Chapter was installed as the Psi Epsilon Chapter, the 105th chapter of Theta Tau.  Members of the Executive Council and the National Officers Corps were in attendance as we celebrated the second installation of the 2021-2022 academic year.

The day’s festivities were amended slightly due to a safety emergency on the FIT campus the night before the installation. Out of respect for those affected by the incident, we delayed the announcement of this installation. It was further delayed due to the mourning period observed during the first half of December.

Regent Swarr shared some thoughts with us in light of the last minute changes and the campus emergency:

“Our installation was a great reflection of working through change. Our hearts were heavy, but at least we were together working through it as a chapter and as brothers. We’re excited to get through this change and make it to a better future, despite the difficulties we will face.”
– Fiona Swarr X!

Grand Regent Stu Kardian attended the installation and got to talk to members of the new chapter, he had this to say about the occasion:

“I’m thrilled to install another chapter into our brotherhood, and deeply enjoyed talking with our newest members. Whether it’s talk of aerospace engineering internships or building a trebuchet, the passion from this group is a reminder of why I continue to volunteer.  I wish them the best and am excited to see their chapter shoot for the stars!”

– Grand Regent Stuart Kardian XXX!

Congratulations once again to the brothers of our newest chapter! We are excited for the legacy you will create for yourselves and wish you the best in your future endeavors.