Audit Committee

Chair: Alex Chan, Grand Treasurer, Xi Gamma

The audit committee is tasked with performing a biennial audit of the Fraternity’s finances.

Finance Committee

Chair: Alex Chan, Grand Treasurer, Xi Gamma

The finance committee is tasked with reviewing funding proposals presented by National Officers.

Health & Safety

Chair: Dan McConnell, Grand Scribe, Upsilon Gamma

The Health & Safety Committee, constituted under the authority of the Grand Regent, investigates and adjudicates health and safety (conduct) violations by members and chapters.

Investment Committee

Chair: Alex Chan, Grand Treasurer, Xi Gamma

The investment committee is responsible for overseeing the Fraternity’s investment portfolio, under the guidance of the Grand Treasurer.

Operating Committee

Chair: David Parker, Grand Treasurer, Lambda Gamma

The Operating Committee is appointed by the Executive Council to assist the Council in its oversight of the Fraternity’s operations, operational initiatives, and prioritization of investments in support of such initiatives. The purpose of this Committee is to provide the Council with a prioritized list of operational proposals along with evaluation criteria and recommendations for approval.

Ad Hoc Ritual Review Committee

Chair: Stuart Kardian, Grand Regent, Kappa Gamma

As an outcome of the 2021 National Convention, a temporary ritual review committee will be formed to evaluate proposed changes to the Theta Tau ritual.  Due to the nature of this topic this will be a small group of diverse representatives to propose changes to the Executive Council and potentially the 2023 National Convention.