What is Theta Tau’s stance on hazing?

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Theta Tau is clear and concise in its stance against hazing. Hazing is illegal; therefore it has no place in the Fraternity. Theta Tau holds its members to the highest possible standard, and no chapter, Candidate Chapter, student or alumnus shall conduct nor condone hazing activities. Hazing activities are defined [...]

What is the cost of membership in the Fraternity?

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Each Theta Tau chapter has fixed expenses including national and local dues, new member fees and housing fees (determined by the chapter). Additionally, there is a one-time initiation fee, and a membership badge must also be purchased. During recruitment a detailed statement of member financial obligations will be provided. Membership [...]

What is recruitment?

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Recruitment (formerly known as rush) is a time set aside once or twice a year for students to meet fraternity members, learn about our brotherhood and decide if fraternity life is appropriate for them. Membership in a fraternity is voluntary and is the result of a mutual selection process.

What is a fraternity?

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A fraternity offers its members a lifelong bond of brotherhood and activities to promote their educational objectives. A general characteristic of fraternities is that membership is by invitation only, membership is for life, and a ritual proclaiming the ideals of the organization is revealed to its members upon initiation. Fraternity [...]

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