Will there be a Convention app?

2023-04-27T21:25:58-04:00April 27, 2023||

We're pleased to be using Pyli once again.  Pyli is a chapter management and event tool developed by Theta Tau alum and used to great effect at the 2021 Convention.  More details will be released this Spring. We will also have a series of official Discord channels for Convention.

Will there be a remote attendance option like in 2021?

2023-04-27T21:25:12-04:00April 27, 2023||

There will not be a remote attendance option this year.  Members will be able to spectate by watching a livestream, but they will not be able to participate in the Convention virtually. Chapters will not be able to fulfill their attendance requirement by watching the livestream. We allowed the remote [...]

What is the ID Pin and Conference Bar?

2023-04-27T21:24:24-04:00April 27, 2023||

The ID Pin and Conference Bar are the official jewelry worn by members of Theta Tau to indicate their presence at the various Theta Tau National Meetings. A member should purchase a ID Pin only once, and thereafter purchase a Conference Bar for each meeting they attend.

Travel and Reimbursement Policy

2022-08-22T18:38:43-04:00August 22, 2022||

Each chapter will have set aside on its behalf $1,000 from National Dues to be used as a Convention Savings Fund. This set aside will be prorated for new chapters installed during the biennium reflecting the number of terms that they paid dues at the chapter member rate instead of [...]

What is Convention?

2022-08-22T18:38:04-04:00August 22, 2022||

The biennial (every other year) National Convention is where the Executive Council is elected, where legislation is considered and where brothers from across the country, and across the years, come together to enjoy fellowship.  Convention typically takes place in a hotel or resort over a period of four days.  Each [...]

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